HYGEN WorldWide is a related company of Dust Control Services of Puerto Rico (DUSTCO). Founded in 1962 in Puerto Rico by a local group of businessmen with an extraordinary vision of the future of services WorldWide. In 1973 operations expanded to Europe and today operating in Spain, France and Hungary. In 2008 the first US office was opened in Tampa, FL.
We are the exclusive distributors of SineAqua urinals, Hydrotek Intelligent Toilet Flusher and the Kaivac Cleaning System.We have other products like SmartShower, Automatic Hand Dryers, Automatic Soap Dispensers, Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers and Automatic Water Faucets. This keeps restrooms cleaner, improves the level of absenteeism due to contaminations. Today, we are leaders in the Hygiene Industry; for restrooms, and public areas. We offer a variety of products and services that save approximately 50% of the water and energy expenses while improving their overall image of our customers.
The search continues for products and services that would be of benefit to our customer's satisfaction. 
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